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9 October 1972
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Hi! most of my entries are friends-only. this is so I know who might be reading them. if you are a real world friend, or even a friend of a friend, or even a couple friends removed from an online friend of mine, I'll probably add you if you ask, but just let me know where you know me from if it's not obvious. thanks!

Oh also, while it should be obvious, it's also obviously obvious that I need to obviate that what I post on my blog is solely MY OPINION (up yours). It does not represent the opinion(s) of any employer, past, present, future, or cross-dimensional. it doesn't represent anyone else's opinions at all. it's meant to represent my opinions at the time I wrote them, it probably no longer accurately represents my opinions on the subject, whatever that might be even now, and possibly didn't represent them all that well in the first place.

I'd really love it if you would click the link on this page to ComicsOnline.com and sign up and join the forums there.

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